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Our own Haflingers

Meet the good-natured, personality-packed horses from South Tyrol


The Radhof in Villanders is a member of the Haflinger Breeding Association, and we have been breeding our own Haflingers for over 20 years now. South Tyrol is the homeland of this old, traditional breed of horse, famed and beloved far beyond the borders of our lands. And with good reason! With its blond mane, expressive features, alert eyers and friendly character, South Tyrolean Haflingers are an absolute joy.  

The personality of our Haflingers has been shaped by the lands where they are bred, here in the countryside at the foot of the Villanderer Alm. Even as foals, they have space to run around in the meadows surrounding the stables, where they develop an incredible sense of sure-footedness. 
Haflingers have a gentle disposition and love children and, as such, are ideal as family horses and are dependable companions for sport and leisure activities. As a South Tyrolean horse breeder, we will be happy to provide you with advice and to introduce you to our dearest, blonde-maned friends.


Year of birth: 2008
Father: Windos
Mother: I-Happy
Height at withers: 147cm
Evaluation: IB (sehr gut/gut/gut/gut/gut)


Year of birth: 2009

Father: Windos

Mother: Resuna Dali

Height of withers: 149cm

Evaluation: IIB (gut/befriedigend/befriedigend/befriedigend/genügend)


Year of birth: 2021

Father: Stakkato

Mother: Olivia


Year of birth: 2021

Father: Blitz

Mother: I-Happy


Year of birth: 2022

Father: Alex

Mother: Peggi


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